Pavetest has developed flexible data acquisition and control allowing you to quickly adapt to test method changes.  Data acquisition and control for all of Pavetest’s systems is provided by Pavetest’s Control and Data Acquisition System (CDAS) and Testlab software. Pavetest’s  leading edge CDAS features sampling rates up to 192,000/sec across all channels, 20 bit resolution over the entire transducer range and up to 64 times over sampling to reduce signal noise. The TestLab software provides unprecedented levels of flexibility.  You don’t need a software programmer to write a test application. With TestLab you can execute “Method Files” that have already been written for most standard tests or you can develop your own test by modifying a Method File for a standard test to suit your needs.  If you are thinking about upgrading current equipment, Pavetest’s CDAS and Testlab software are an excellent choice. GET TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND SERVICE ON YOUR PAVETEST EQUIPMENT