Advanced Asphalt Technologies, LLC (AAT) is a small engineering company that specializes in providing engineering and testing services to the asphalt paving industry. AAT was started in 1993 to provide commercial application of the asphalt research products from the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP). For over 20 years, the staff of AAT has applied the latest and best technologies in the design and analysis of asphalt materials and flexible pavements.  Our state of the art laboratory is located in a 5,200 sq. ft facility in Kearneysville, WV, about 1.5 hours from Washington, DC.  AAT provides the following services to public and private clients:  

  • Asphalt materials design and engineering
  • Laboratory testing
  • Applied research and development
  • Forensic analysis
  • Training

AAT has recently announced a partnership with Pavetest Pty. Ltd.  to sell and service innovative dynamic testing systems.  Our partnership provides a unique coupling of performance testing experience and innovative testing system design expertise that is not available from any other vendor.