Pavetest Overlay Tester

The Pavetest Overlay Tester is a servo-pneumatic controlled testing machine utilizing digital control of a high performance servo valve to provide accurate loading wave shapes up to 60Hz, specifically designed to determine the susceptibility of asphalt mixtures to cracking according to Texas DOT test procedure Tex-248-F and proposed ASTM Standard WK 26816.


The machine applies cyclic loading to a specimen that is cut from a 150 mm diameter sample into the shape of a rounded end beam. The system comprises a load frame, with one fixed and one moving plate, temperature control system, Control and Data Acquisition System (CDAS) and optional silent air compressor. The specimen is glued to two plates and this assembly is placed in the machine for testing. This is intended to simulate the action of movement under an asphalt overlay to assess how failure might occur in the field due to factors such as thermal expansion / contraction and reflective cracking.

The Pavetest Overlay Tester is underpinned by Pavetest’s leading edge CDAS digital controller, TestLab software and all the necessary accessories, hardware and software in perfect unison.


  • Compact, fully self contained, precision engineered unit
  • Thermoelectric (TE) Heating/Cooling – More reliable and envronmentally friendly than mechanical refrigeration & heating elements
  • Optional silent air compressor with associated air preparation equipment
  • Built in verification (Dial gauge)
  • Integral stand with wheels
  • Specimen preparation kit
  • Additional specimen plates