DTS-130 Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Testing System

The DTS-130 Dynamic Testing System is a servo-hydraulic testing machine utilizing digital control of a high performance servo valve to provide accurate loading wave shapes up to 100Hz. It is Pavetest’s highest capacity Dynamic Testing System and completes the range of standard universal testing machines. The DTS-130 can be operated in tension, compression dynamic loading and is suited to testing a diverse range of engineering materials and/or large asphalt specimens at very cold temperatures.


The system can accommodate a climatic chamber with various temperature ranges, down to -50°C. The “two piece” concept adopted for the DTS-30 climatic chamber also applies to this machine. The temperature control unit attaches to the test chamber using a magnetic seal and can be wheeled away when not required. Another common feature is the Control and Data Acquisition System (CDAS) enclosure; The CDAS is housed neatly in a cabinet in front of the machine. The cables enter the cabinet through the floor of the chamber or through the back of the cabinet and connect to the CDAS. The door of the cabinet can be held ajar to allow transducers to be re-allocated or opened completely for servicing. Unused transducers can also be stored in the cabinet out of harm’s way.

The CDAS provides excellent waveform fidelity from integrated acquisition and control functions, with low level sampling at speeds of up to 192,000 samples per second simultaneously on all channels (using up to 64x oversampling) gives superior low noise performance and resolution of 20 bit over the full dynamic input signal range (no auto ranging required).

The Hydraulic Power Supply (HPS) utilizes a variable flow pump with a working pressure up to 210 Bar. The customer can choose either water (heat exchanger) or air (Electric fan) oil cooling. Features include; low oil, over temperature and dirty filter indication, remote starting and user selectable working pressure (via TestLab).

TestLab Software:

TestLab allows for real time graphing of results and configurable real time transducer levels display with unprecedented clarity of results and analytical power. TestLab test and control software caters to all levels of operator experience.


• Robust two column load frame

• Double acting servo hydraulic, equal area type with low friction, long life bearings and seals

• Portable temperature control unit

• Fully configurable to suit a large range of testing applications

• Digital Servo-Hydraulic control

• 4 axis control and 16 channel data acquisition as standard