I am pleased to announce Advanced Asphalt Technologies, LLC has partnered with Pavetest Pty. Ltd. to sell and service innovative pavement materials testing systems at a price that represents real value.  Our partnership provides a unique coupling of performance testing experience and innovative testing system design expertise that is not available from any other vendor.  When you purchase Pavetest equipment from Advanced Asphalt, you receive equipment with unparalleled performance, ultimate versatility and exceptional reliability; and receive support from a company with more than 20 years of performance testing experience. I invite you to visit our website and review the enclosed brochure for details on Pavetest products.

In today’s testing environment, where new test methods are introduced every year and existing test methods change frequently, it is critical to have a flexible data acquisition and control system.  Pavetest’s control and data acquisition system (CDAS) and Testlab software allow you to quickly start running new tests and adapt to test method changes.  Affordable in- line signal conditioners provide flexibility to use a variety of transducers on any data acquisition channel, and with the TestLab software, you don’t need a software programmer to write a test application. With TestLab you can execute “Method Files” that have already been written for most standard tests or you can develop your own test by modifying a Method File for a standard test to suit your needs.  If you are thinking about upgrading current equipment, Pavetest’s CDAS and Testlab software are an excellent choice.

Other innovative features of Pavetest’s equipment include:

  • The use of thermoelectric technology for temperature control in Pavetest’s AMPT, eliminating the need for a mechanical refrigeration system.  This approach is substantially more reliable and environmentally friendly.
  • Hydraulic power supplies use variable-frequency drive to control the speed of the pump motor, regulating oil flow to suit the application. This reduces heat generation, noise and power consumption.
  • The load frame for the DTS-30 Universal Testing Machine (UTM) is embedded in the test chamber.  This provides a very sleek appearance, maximizing the internal space while reducing the overall laboratory space required.
  • Temperature control units that attach to the test chamber of the UTM’s using a magnetic seal.  This makes servicing, replacing or upgrading the temperature control unit virtually effortless … it can be removed without dismantling the machine or disrupting the testing program.

If you are thinking about purchasing a new testing system or upgrading an existing system, please contact me at 703-999-8365 or visit our website at to request a quotation.


Ramon Bonaquist, Ph.D., P.E.
Chief Operating Officer